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  • Verifies domain validity (mail server validity)
  • Verifies each email address exists using SMTP technology.
  • Lets you merge lists, find common or unique addresses from multiple lists, and segment lists easily.
  • Filter and manage email lists on a number of parameters easily.
  • Create list segments or sub lists on nearly any parameter you want. (Pro Version)
  • Import and manage your list from any autoresponder including Aweber, Getresponse, etc. with a CSV file.
  • Generate CSVs that you can import into any autoresponder and also use on SMTP services.

The Fastest Way To Improve Your

Mailing Results

Whether you’re using an autoresponder, your own SMTPs, or any other way to mail out, the ESPs are watching you.

That’s right, GMail, Hotmail and every other service provider like that (Email Service Provider) keeps a tight vigil on the emails that hits their system and look out for patterns that can help them identify spam.

Spam Traps

Role words in

Defunct email ids

All of these cause a reduction in your delivery, and by consequence, less opens and clicks.

List Janitor Pro helps make things better by making your list cleaner.

Powerful List Management Features

That Help You Mail With Precision

Import lists from any source using CSV format

Merge any number of lists together

Subtract any list from another

Find addresses common in two lists

Find addresses not in the 2nd list

Filter your lists on search patterns

Find addresses common in two lists

Find addresses not in the 2nd list

Filter your lists on search patterns

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